Meet Kristen Schwartz

I've had many adventures in my life; motherhood, degrees in Psychology and Counseling, writing, entrepreneurship, travel, but the grandest adventure was the one back to my true powerful empathic self.

I tried to manage my outer world for years, hoping it would translate to a softer inner world. Instead, I shrank, went along, and pretended to fit in the "normal" box for decades.

I spent most of my life feeling misunderstood while feeling "too much." My feelings had been discounted and intuition ignored. Most of the people around me didn't get what I got or see what I saw. It equated to "something is wrong with me."

For years, I abandoned myself hoping to earn less suffering. For decades, I held it in till I burst.

I know the importance of sensitivity in this cruel world and how difficult it can be to be true to what you feel. So I've combined my purpose and passion for guiding Empaths back to their absolute power.